John - where dullness is pointed. (emptyjohn) wrote in scabapples,
John - where dullness is pointed.

This morning, having slept well,
I sliced crumbling cheddar
Grilled slivers of courgette
And squeezed the excess oil
From pieces of sun dried tomato
I spread humus on one slice of bread
And tomato & chilli jam on another
And placed the cheese on the humus
And placed rocket on the cheese
And placed sun dried tomato on the rocket
And placed courgette on the sun dried tomato
And shut the deal with the second slice of bread
Jammed optimistically down, jam-side on courgette.

But things did not work out. A lot of potential wasted, jumbled,
Messed up, too busy, a brutal discordance wrapped in fragile tinfoil
I unaware ferried this monster towards 1pm
Unknowingly nurtured this monster at my teat

A congeries of tastes, pinching back each other’s potential
Plato’s law of specialisation ignored
I was blinded by the dawn
Stupidly thought I knew best, o hubris:
The downfall of my packed lunch
I should have eaten out:
Chose to save my thirty silvers
A snake sandwich, Benedict Arnold in bread,
Unseen storm cloud blooming,
Madame Guillotine muffled in my lunchbox.

I blame the sweetness of the tomato & chilli jam
The sweetness of the sun dried tomatoes too
I blame them so the axe does not fall on me alone…
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