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Autumbling Down's Journal
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Autumbling Down's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
12:10 pm
Friday, January 28th, 2005
3:55 pm
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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
11:37 am
Monday, October 25th, 2004
1:48 pm
Friday, October 22nd, 2004
1:46 pm
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
9:28 am
9:27 am
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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
1:49 pm
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
1:58 pm
Monday, August 16th, 2004
1:50 pm
Pecuniary sorcery! Evil cashmagic! Vamos! ! Alacoholazam; smoked, dammit,, selfmadechump: robbed by wobbling drunken self, Russian Judas, vodkafool! Aaaargh Erk. Scarb.
Slipshaped tumbling t’wards the shaked white door, woozy with last night’s noxious spirit fumes. Hands twitch tapping slickrhythms reeling, sway, sickly demi-eyes Morpheus crusted, shotblood all the blurred visions seethrough as ghosts, shamsouls depart me for I am thy afeared foe! Darn strait, careful navigation avoid entanglement is necessary lest poor bored I transform into, hateself more. No eye contact, hoard your distance, fisheyed proles; get at thee back, back. silence; solitary, headdown rushing. Spun top, to pish; away. Gaknabbit, craw, spat; out vile jelly; what rot is hid wivin? Muststop smoking, cash smouldered away. Alone in pissstink box coralled tiles picked with damp slugged slogans; I was here; forget this place; besweared by clots. In the anon of thee Farther, the Sun and the haloed guest. Libation, water making. Seariver all life crawled out of the wavy crib, scrabbled with breath held or gasping into the new out; shivered with salted drops, sea fresh in first breeze’s chill, flushed.
I with foamwashed hand and brow and oozy eye exit lightened and head to drown in crystal water cooled for gratis by our kind employers, thank you very much. Glug decontaminate, purify, elutriate, aerify, atone, wash away. Full up like bloated sailor-corpse, hair and nails outlive, message slow to the quick. Thence to light Marlboros: fumigate, burned offerings, smoke signal, smiling injun. Maybe cancer tomahawking tar in tobaccy fields of lungmeat; the crabby claw’s twitch. Will quit, soon. Purchase and drink Taurine supplement (edulcorated orangecoloured fizzpop: sadly promised angelizing absent) fore back to chaining grindstone. I've pencilled egress in for half three: I shall flee this rancid slatternquim and head arrowstraight home unbowed and scuttling.
Friday, August 6th, 2004
2:50 pm
Dawn Song

When dug out by slicing cold metal edge
Of frozen fingered inexorable clock hands
From the snuggled bud of dreamless sleep
I feel all the hope and joy
Of the spade-snagged earthworm
Flung wounded into shiver above:
The unshared sky too wide and blue,
The frail cicatrix cumulous too white to bear.
2:50 pm

Henry (plundered) is loftily strung amongst the clouds and eagle eyes
His nerves jangle in discord and (reversed) he uncoupled flies
And with forced serenity he cordially fixes
An anticipatory drop of drink for trembled him alone
To soothe his quick-limed guts with G&T, to anoint us
And effervesce his soul’s soft stones
The water’s clutching level lowers- o happy sponge
Left undrowned & crowned with dunce’s cone
Self-blinded corralled in pinfold he blandly shakes
His knotted blonde into shipshape semblance
Fresh baptised he twitched his anxious scowl into a smile
With false prised sincerity he open wide
Hugs his knees unto his trembling heart coop
And floats like wreckage upon the tumbling tide.
2:49 pm
She trembles with doubt shaking him
Faith quakes fortifying the walls between them.

No matter how little faith I put in friendship
It never fails to disappoint.
2:47 pm
The chicanery of flirtation always makes me feel slightly despicable:
Used car; sleight of hand, buy wine with apple, sell with cheese, trickery, misdirection, banter, snares, pitfalls, sympathetic demeanours, the swish of easy laughter, the untruthful vouching for a product that has led previous consumers to a vale of tears, glossed smiles, mouthwash, concern, false candour, candid falseness, slick phrases, tried and tested, careful use of lighting; scripts. Just be yourself?: No: a resolute NO-
We’re not having that fool screw things up again.
2:46 pm
When he fell from grace with God he landed catlike on all fours, safely in the Devil’s lap. And mewling milksick his eyes caked shut he could not see the stars that hung above but chose his path by random cuts, card-led by his shaking hands. And when he saw where he was found he cursed the King who led him there, and slowly clawed the heavens down, the mourning son in orphan air. The siren sea sung glittered hymns whose fool’s gold rang with guilt, the shining song of meant-to-be, the lover’s sweat-embroidered quilt. But fleeting though the aubade is, and ever fled the sound, he pulled the petals from his wrist and lay in sulphured ground.
2:44 pm
The singed fug hung heavy between the plushed window’s blocked yawn and the idle heaped fireplace. The pale and softdrifting strata bobbed around the room’s lone lit lightbulb,, a risen sea of smoke; clouds hung round a hanged golden sun. Beyond the confines of these walls the real sun was some three hours and ten minutes into its ascent having risen into the liquescent sky as meteorologists and farmers predicted at five twenty AM (BST) curling the tousled heights of cumulo-nimbus into burnt gold. Rain approaching. Now at half past eight AM (BST) the sun’s rays issued eight minutes and eighteen seconds ago travelling the ninety-two million nine-hundred and fifty seven thousand or so miles to Earth at a constant and invariable rate reckoned by scientists and mathematicians to be two-hundred and ninety-nine million seven-hundred and ninety-two thousand four-hundred and fifty-eight metres per second struck the bay windows and, sharing the properties of waves, snook diagonally round the thick curtain that barred their direct admittance into the room. Weakened by the change of direction so far from their birth they wearily dispersed their light into the gloom in discrete packets (so close together as to appear constant), framing the barrier in snow-cold light.
2:44 pm
He disbelieved the unseeable on principal, therefore making the world shrink upon the removal of his spectacles, he doubted existence in all its forms then promptly pondered the immutable certainty of the existence of Ultimate Forms a la Plato, blamed geometry for his lusts, biology for his thoughts and mathematics for feelings, avowed that he could prove god’s height, weight and ethnicity with a handful of untrained woodlice, before solving various philosophical problems (chicken vs. egg, the single clapping hand) through poetry and algebra all whilst imbibing toxic amounts of fermented apple juice, singing various salacious eeest-lahhndarn songs in a mockney accent and swearing oaths to imaginary gods of his own construction and talking to us wide-eyed, swearing he made us all (and our histories) up on a whim not five minutes previous.
2:43 pm

Fire flooded the building,
Any doubts about heaven
Are reduced to crude ash
Burst halos of torch light
Fall upon their blistered angels
Silent as prayer
She folds into his outspread arms
Candlelight drowning; eyelids snuffed shut
From sodden cinders faith ascends
2:43 pm
Polliwog Lament

Trapped within the leaf-clogged pool
A little tadpole ceased to be
And from those waters staid and cool
It hopped into eternity
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